Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Strategic Directions

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Strategic Directions

On 1 July, 2004, the Women's and Children's Hospital, along with Child and Youth Health, joined to become what is now the Link iconWomen's and Children's Health Network (WCHN).

The PDF iconWCHN Strategic Plan (195kb) outlines our visions and goals. It sets our broad direction and priorities, taking into account the public policy context, the needs of our populations and the broader social environment. This Strategic Plan is the overarching document for our planning and performance management. Staff will be guided by it when developing new services, when making decisions about the services we will provide and for whom, and when monitoring their performance. It is the foundation for detailed operational and corporate plans to support the implementation of our goals. Each year we will develop an action plan that lists our priorities for action. As with all strategic plans, it will evolve and grow as our environment changes and as we need to reflect new knowledge or new challenges. Thank you to the wide range of staff and stakeholders who contributed to its development.

last modified: 10 Aug 2018