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WCH History - The founders

About the Women's and Children's Hospital

The Founders

On 5 September 1876, Dr. Alan Campbell [picture] met with a group comprising Miss Ashley and Mesdames Colton, Campbell, Fowler, Jeffries, Knight, Stuckey and Smedley, the wives of prominent citizens, with the aim of establishing a Children’s Hospital.

The group soon gained the support of members of the medical profession (e.g., Drs. DW Campbell, Corbin, Ellison, Magarey, Peel, Curtis and EW Way) and of other influential people (e.g., Mr. Robert Barr Smith, Hon. Samuel Way [picture],  Prof. J Davidson, Mr. GW Goyder, Mr. C Peacock, Mr. D Murray and Mr. J Hartley).

These community-based meetings established a children’s hospital in South Australia a mere 24 years after the famed Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children began in London, UK.

Dr Allan Campbell (1836-1898)

Sir Samuel Way (1836-1916)

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