Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Transition to Professional Practice Program – Registered Midwife

Transition to Professional Practice Program – Registered Midwives 2017

Join us as you start your fulfilling, professional Midwifery career!

The Women's and Children's Hospital provides the state's largest Maternity and Obstetric service. It is also the leading provider of health services to women, children and young people.

This is the beginning of your exciting and rewarding career in Midwifery. Our program aims to aid the transition from education to the role of the professional Midwife. During your TPPP you will be supported to consolidate your theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, build your confidence, and define your professional responsibilities and boundaries as a Registered Midwife.

We aim to achieve this transition by:

  • Providing you with a supportive environment
  • Orientating you to corporate, transition and clinical knowledge
  • Developing your clinical confidence
  • Preparing you for professional responsibility.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive orientation to the organisation, transition program and clinical areas
  • Transition support recognising the Stages of Transition by Dr Judy Boychuk Duchscher
  • Weekly forums for reflection, debriefing and learning opportunities
  • Peer support
  • Clinical support from dedicated Clinical Learning Co-ordinators, ward-based Educators
  • A Transition Support educator to oversee your transition to practice journey.

As part of the program you will:

  • Have the opportunity to provide regular feedback about your clinical experience and the transition program
  • Be heard and valued for your comments and feedback within a safe and confidential environment
  • Receive clear and achievable learning outcomes
  • Receive regular constructive feedback regarding your clinical skills and knowledge.

Clinical Placement Opportunities

All clinical placements will be within the Women's & Babies Division of the Women's and Children's Hospital. During your TPPP you will undertake various clinical placements in areas such as the Delivery Suite, Postnatal Ward, Antenatal/Gynaecology Ward, Women's Assessment Unit, Outpatient clinics, the Neonatal Special Care Unit and Midwifery Group Practice.

Delivery Suite

The Delivery Suite / High Dependency Unit consists of 16 all stage rooms which can accommodate antenatal, intrapartum, post natal and gynaecology clients depending on clinical need. This area also manages the Pregnancy Induction Assessment Unit (PIAS) where care is provided for induction of labour, external cephalic versions, iron and intragram infusions. The multidisciplinary team works collaboratively with WCHN Midwifery Group Practice. There are approximately 4700 births per year at the WCHN. Working in this area provides Midwives with experience in caring for a variety of women across all risk groups

Midwifery Group Practice

Midwifery Group Practice provides care for over 1000 women per year. It is an all risk model with midwives providing continuity of care to a caseload of women. This care includes the choice of homebirth for eligible women. There are 2 TPPP positions available within MGP. These positions are awarded to the successful applicants for a period of 6 months. During this time you will work within a group of experienced midwives and will be allocated your own caseload.

Postnatal Ward

The Postnatal ward has 37 beds with the average length of stay being 24-48 hours. We take pride in the fact that we are BFHI accredited. We provide a home visiting service/domiciliary care as well as a Postnatal Baby Clinic which delivers outpatient services for neonatal follow-up.

Antenatal/Gynaecology Ward

The Antenatal/Gynaecology ward has 15 funded beds and admissions include women along the spectrum of antenatal conditions or those requiring gynaecology care with the occasional postnatal overflow woman and baby. Opportunities to consolidate and expand skills and knowledge abound here.

Women's Assessment Unit

Women's Assessment Service is available for any woman who is pregnant or has a gynaecological condition and supports 30 to 80 women each day (average 55).

Women's Outpatients

This is a busy area providing care for women according to the state guidelines on the 'antenatal schedule for pregnant women'. Women experiencing complications of pregnancy are also supported by this area.

Special Care Baby Unit

The SCBU has 35 beds and cares for babies from 32 weeks gestation onwards. This area provides respiratory and nutritional support to babies and supports parents in preparation for discharge This unit works collaboratively with Neonatal Intensive Care.

Ongoing Career Development 

The WCH TPPP RM is the first step in your ongoing Midwifery career. At the end of your program you will be informed of the future career development opportunities available.

Completion of Program

A ceremony is held each February for Registered Midwives who have completed the Transition to Professional Practice Program.

Information Session

A TPPP-RM Information Session will be held on Monday 29th August 2016 in the Alan Crompton Boardroom, Ground Floor, Zone E, WCH.

This session provides an opportunity to meet with ward-based educators, Clinical Learning Coordinators and the TPPP Coordinator to discuss the program.

Applying for the Program

Recruitment to 2017 SA Health Transition to professional Practice Programs will be done via a centralised process. For more detailed information regarding the application process, please visit:

Link iconhttp://www.sahealthcareers.com.au/campaign.php?id=46

Further Information

For further information, please contact:

Jayne Hartwig, Transition Support Educator
Email: jayne.hartwig@sa.gov.au

last modified: 21 Jul 2016