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Long-term patients

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Long-Term patients

Butterfly Card

Long-term patients (both women and children) and their families can be issued with a Butterfly Card, entitling them to 10% discount on food and drinks purchased from the WCH Cafe, and purchases from the Health Information Centre.

Patients and families entitled to the Butterfly Card include those who:

  • are expected to stay for more than one week
  • have frequent admissions, outpatient, day patient or therapy bookings over 12 months
  • have five or more outpatient, day patient or therapy bookings in a 30-day period.

Ask your nurse or midwife, or a member of your health care team to organise your card.

Internet access for families

To help families stay in touch with family and friends or access information, a Savings & Loans internet and email facility is available for consumers to use on the 2nd floor of the Queen Victoria Building. The charge is $2 per 30 minutes and the machine accepts $1 and $2 coins as well as credit cards.

last modified: 23 May 2016