Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Visiting someone in hospital

For Visitors

Visitors are welcome to the Women's and Children's Hospital. The hospital is ideally located a short distance from Adelaide's CBD, in the picturesque North Adelaide parklands.

The hospital is located at 72 King William Road, North Adelaide.

There are car parks and entrances to the hospital on Kermode Street and the corner of Brougham Place and Sir Edwin Smith Avenue. WCH page link iconClick here for a map of the hospital or Link iconhere for a street map.

The following pages provide further information for visitors:

WCH page link iconVisiting a patient at the WCH

WCH page link iconGroup / Entertainment Visitors at the WCH (schools, entertainment groups, etc.)

WCH page link iconFor People From Outside Adelaide

WCH page link iconTransport

WCH page link iconCar Parking

WCH page link iconRights and Responsibilities

WCH page link iconFeedback/Complaints

The WCH is a smoke-free hospital.  Please do not smoke in or near our buildings.

Hospital Guide

Coming to the WCH

Coming to the Women's and Children's Hospital - Information for
patients and families
provides an easy guide to the WCH for
consumers and visitors.

View the guide online here:

  WCH page link iconComing to the Women's and Children's Hospital

or download the PDF version:

PDF iconComing to the Women's and Children's Hospital  (1.8mb)



Release of your child from hospital wards

To ensure the safety of our patients, identification is needed when your child leaves the ward or is discharged. The following fact sheet provides more information.

WCH page link iconRelease of babies, children and adolescents from hospital wards  (392kb)

last modified: 06 Feb 2018