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Before Your Baby is Born

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Before your baby is born

Research has shown that good antenatal (pregnancy) care significantly improves the chances of women giving birth to a healthy baby. The WCH offers many choices for your pregnancy care and the birth of your baby. These include:

  • attending the Hospital as a WCH page link iconpublic or private patient
  • deciding WCH page link iconwho cares for you during your pregnancy and childbirth. You may choose to return home a few hours after the birth of your baby or transfer to the WCH page link iconPostnatal Ward or another hospital.

Most women come to the WCH for WCH page link iconantenatal visits. It is usual to have a number of routine WCH page link icontests and investigations during your pregnancy.

We recommend that you attend our WCH page link iconparent education classes before your baby is born. All WCH antenatal education is free of charge.  If you are a public patient you should receive information about antenatal education the first time you visit the hospital. Private patients should contact the
WCH page link iconWomen's Outpatients Department for information.

Tours of the maternity section of the WCH are held at 9am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. No bookings are required. Please meet at the Women's Outpatient Department, 1st floor, Queen Victoria Building. Tours last about 30 minutes.

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last modified: 27 Jul 2018