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In accordance with Premier and Cabinet Circular PC045, the Women's and Children's Health Network is required to maintain a disclosure log for all non-personal information released under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

For a copy of documents regarding below determinations or any queries regarding the disclosure log, please contact the Freedom of Information Manger on (08) 8161 6127.

Disclosure Log – WCHN

Determination Date

Determination Reference

Scope of Application

Number of pages disclosed in full or part

13 December 2017

WCHN 157920

Number of babies born at the Women's and Children's Hospital with known drug dependence for financial years 2013 - 2017

1 page statistical data full release

10 July 2018

WCHN 165361

list of all FOI requests received from the Liberal Opposition between 17 March 2014 and 16 March 2018

Full release – statistical data

5 September 2018

WCHN 166421

contract and suppliers proposal for the services for operation and financial recovery plan

Full release – statistal data

3 December 2018

WCHN 170154

Documents regaridng WCHN decision from April 2018 to no longer provide admission rights to for private patients to consultants unless employed by WCHN

Partial Release – 166 pages

3 January 2019

WCHN 169754

The Report of the Chief Psychiatrist relating to the Women's and Children's Hospital Paediatric Eating Disorder service

Full release – 8 page document

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