White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation - Message from our White Ribbon Ambassador

White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation

Message from our White Ribbon Ambassador

Phil Robinson

White Ribbon Ambassador Phil Robinson

I am honoured to be a White Ribbon Ambassador and am committed to strengthening the Women's and Children's Health Network's efforts to eliminate violence against women and children.

Our accreditation as a White Ribbon Workplace has involved WCHN adapting its organisational culture, practices and procedures to promote respectful relationships and safe workplaces for women.

We have zero tolerance of violence in all its forms, including physical, emotional and sexual. We are dedicated to the vision of the White Ribbon campaign that 'All women live in safety free from all forms of men's violence'.

The violence perpetrated against women most often occurs in their home and is most often perpetrated by their intimate partner. Violence crosses all cultural, age and socio-economic boundaries.

Violence against women is a global epidemic and is a significant determinant of morbidity and mortality. It also has a huge economic impact, with intimate partner violence costing the Australian health sector an estimated $207 million per year.

In 2014, the South Australian Government launched the "Taking a Stand: Responding to Domestic Violence" initiative. The WCHN has a leading role in supporting SA Health's response through the Women's Safety Strategy and WCHN’s Multi-Agency Protection Service team.

Some of the statistics from White Ribbon illustrate how pervasive violence against, and disrespect for women, is within society:

(Source: www.whiteribbon.org.au)

Surveys have also shown that 94% of employees agree employers should take a leadership role in educating their workforce about respectful relationships between men and women.

To gain White Ribbon Workplace accreditation, WCHN needed to demonstrate that we:

Violence against women at home or in the workplace has flow-on effects that impact the safety of women at work, their wellbeing and productivity.

As a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace, WCHN aims to make our workplace a safe, equitable and respectful environment in which men and women alike can flourish and achieve.

Phil Robinson
White Ribbon Ambassador

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