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The staff at the Women's and Children's Hospital are here to look after you throughout this pandemic, and the following information is to help ensure your safety and wellbeing when visiting the Hospital.

The health and wellbeing of our patients, their carers and our staff is our number one priority at all times.

To find out about COVID-19 testing, go to our Link iconCOVID-19 Screening Clinic page.

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Visitor restrictions

The safety and welfare of people in our health services and hospital during COVID-19 means there are some restrictions for visitors.

As of Tuesday 22 December the Women's and Children's Hospital will allow the following visitor numbers:

Paediatric patients

Maternity patients

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

There is flexibility for special circumstances, particularly for palliative care and those with complex conditions, so please contact your care team directly to discuss your individual situation.

For general information on visiting public hospitals in SA, please go to:

Link iconVisiting public hospitals during COVID-19  (SA Health web site)

All adult visitors to the Women's and Children's Hospital will need to scan a QR code on entry.

More information about the COVID SAfe app and how to use the QR codes can be found at Link iconcovid-19.sa.gov.au.

Information about our services

Elective surgery

You will be contacted to discuss rescheduling elective surgery if required.

Screening before entering the hospital

Each visitor will be asked to undergo a health screening prior to entering the Women's and Children's Hospital.

You should not enter the hospital if:

Food and support services

The Play Deck Café and Cafeteria on Level 2 are both open to the public.

Vic's coffee shop will reopen as soon as possible, although Rainbows café remains closed while the COVID screening clinic is in operation.

Visitors accompanying inpatients, including partners of birthing women and parents/caregivers of paediatric patients, will be supplied with meals from our food services team until at least 1 December, while parenting rooms remain closed.

Who has to wear a mask?

Visitors will be asked to wear face masks when in the hospital. Masks will be provided at the entrances..

WCHN COVID-19 Testing Clinic

Information on the WCHN COVID-19 Testing Clinic can be WCH page link iconfound here.

Pregnancy and COVID-19

If you are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, we understand that the current situation with COVID-19 may be causing you concern. What does it mean for you?

Clinical Director of the Women's and Babies Division at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Professor Jodie Dodd has some advice on what to expect when you are expecting during this difficult time.

For health professionals

Link iconCoronavirus disease (COVID-19): information for health professionals

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