Consumer Engagement - Online Consultation Hub

Consumer and Community Engagement

Online Consultation Hub

The WCHN provides access for the community to a 24/7 consultation hub.

Invitations occur via email. No matter a person's role or title, WCHN staff and consumer representatives gather in the virtual hub to work towards common goals. It provides the community with a central and accessible online space to manage WCHN projects and communicate widely. It reduces the amount of emails, increases idea generation and allows growth, without the typical growing pains.

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The hub is split into multiple project spaces. Four project spaces available to all members include:

E-Journal Club

A space to read articles, current literature and academic evidence about health consumer engagement. A document is added monthly.

Consumer Representative Space

An open space where random thoughts, questions and project updates are shared.

Direct Consumer and Community Consultations

A space where a document with a series of questions or an issue is raised, requiring multiple minds to provide input into the solutions.

Person and Family-Centred Care Network

A space dedicated to advancing the four pillars of person and family centred care.

What can I expect?

If you register for our online consultation space, you will be notified by email of items open for consultation. There is no obligation to provide feedback as you choose what you want to influence. Your input is provided at a time that is convenient to you and all your information will be kept secure and safe. To ensure that everyone is having fun and sharing ideas, we have some rules of online engagement which we ask you to sign up too.

Basecamp - Online Consultation Toolkit

PDF iconWCHN Online Consultation Toolkit  (425kb)

Signing up to Basecamp is easy.

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