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Before a human research project may commence at Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) it must undergo a Research Governance Review, also known as Site Specific Assessment (SSA) review. This review is in addition to the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) review. The SSA Form has a separate purpose and separate assessment process to the HREC.

Applications for Research Governance Review at the WCHN must be made by submitting the SSA Form which is located online on the same page as the application for the Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) form.

The Research Governance Officer (RGO) will also require other documentation to be submitted in company with the SSA for approval.  For this information, the WCHN SSA Submission Guidelines and Checklists and the SSA Checklist on the SSA form will assist the applicant in ensuring which documents need to be provided to the RGO.

The study can only commence once the RGO and the Executive Director, Corporate Services have signed off on the SSA, and the RGO has provided the applicant with an authorisation letter for the study to commence at WCHN.

For further information on the SSA submission at WCHN, or any matters related to Research Governance, please contact:

Ms Camilla Liddy, Research Governance Officer
P: (08) 8161 6688

Research governance requirements

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SA Health Policies

SA Health Research Governance Policy Directive

SA Health - SSA advice to applicants

SA health - Clinical Trial Agreements Policy (March 2012)

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