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Site Specific Assessment (SSA) form

Please refer to the WCHN SSA Submission Guidelines and Checklists for detailed information.

The purpose of the Site Specific Assessment (SSA) form is to evaluate the assessment of the suitability of the resources at the site where the study will be conducted, and whether the site is sufficient to ensure satisfactory conduct and completion of the project. The Research Governance Officer (RGO) considers whether appropriate consultation and approval has been granted by the local decision makers (i.e. WCHN Human Research Ethics Committee) to permit the project to be undertaken at the site.

The SSA Form can be located via the Link iconOnline Forms web site.

The same SSA Form is to be submitted for all Low and Negligible Risk (LNR) research studies.

The SSA Form and supporting documentation can be submitted to the RGO at any time and is not dependant on any HREC deadlines. The RGO can accept the submission by e-mail, and it is the responsibility of the investigator to keep a copy of the SSA with the original signatures. The ethical and governance review can occur in parallel, however governance approval will not be obtained until the HREC review process has been finalised and a final approval letter has been obtained.   

last modified: 13 Feb 2020