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Audit Submissions

PDF iconGuidelines for the Preparation of Audit Submissions

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The following Corporate Procedure for Audits requiring WCHN human research ethics approval is a guide as to when an audit pertaining to patients/clients requires review by either the WCHN HREC or WCHN HREC Chair.

PDF iconCorporate Procedure: Audits requiring WCHN HREC approval

An audit is an "activity where the primary purpose is to monitor, [evaluate], or improve the quality of service delivered by an individual or an organisation... Terms such as 'peer review', 'quality assurance', 'quality improvement', 'quality activities', 'quality studies' and 'audit' are often used interchangeably." (Ethical Considerations in Quality Assurance and Evaluation Activities. NHMRC March 2014 – Link iconhttp://www.nhmrc.gov.au/guidelines-publications/e111).

Audit review falls into one of two categories i) Full committee review ii) Chair only review.

For information about these two categories and more general information about the submission of audits please see Guidelines for the Preparation of Audit Submissions.

Those wishing to undertake an audit will need to complete the Audit Application Form.

last modified: 30 Jul 2020