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Confidentiality Agreements

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Confidentiality Agreements

All non-WCHN researchers and auditors (and those associated with the research/audit) accessing patients, clients, WCHN staff, or any identifiable information must sign a WCHN HREC Confidentiality Agreement (Confidentiality Agreement). It is also a requirement that all non-WCHN staff and students joining the research project/audit after its commencement sign and submit a Confidentiality Agreement to the Research Governance Officer (RGO).

The chief investigator of a research study/audit is responsible for ensuring that all non-WCHN staff (including SA Pathology, SAMHRI and University staff on campus without a WCHN appointment) working on the research study/audit have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and submitted it to the RGO.

Signed Confidentiality Agreements may be attached to the Site Specific Assessment form, or original audit application, and must be provided before full authorisation is granted.

Please note that a signed Confidentiality Agreement is required for each separate research study/audit. The RGO will not authorise a study to commence until all Confidentiality Agreements have been signed and submitted.  Prior to signing the Confidentiality Agreement, the researchers should read and understand the following documents:

Section 93 – Health Care Act 2008

Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector

PDF iconWCHN Procedure: Consent to Treatment and Related Medical Procedures for Minors

Your Rights and Responsibilities - a Charter for Consumers of the South Australian Public Health System

PDF iconWCHN Policy Directive: Ethics

Please print and sign the Confidentiality Agreement and submit it to the RGO.

Researchers/auditors should be aware that a breach of confidentiality is an offence under PDF iconSection 93 of the Health Care Act 2008 (SA). A breach of confidentiality can occur as the result of inappropriate discussion, access to, or disclosure of any confidential information. Any such offence can result in termination of arrangements, action for damages and/or prosecution.

last modified: 17 Mar 2020