Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Protocol Submission

Research at the WCHN

Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) Submissions at WCHN - for full and Low Negligible Risk (LNR) applications

The WCHN HREC requires completion of the Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) - via the Link iconOnline Forms web site: (https://au.ethicsform.org/SignIn.aspx )

  1. All associated documents should also be uploaded on to Online Forms as attachments (e.g. cover letter, protocol, participant information sheet/s, consent form, questionnaires/surveys, investigator brochure, etc). The name of the document, version and date should be included.
  2. A protocol outlining background information (including references), aims, study design, participants (including selection criteria, participant cohort/s, randomisation) study procedures, recruitment, risks/benefits etc should be provided. Alternatively, you may use this Word iconProtocol template.
  3. For guidance on the requirements of the WCHN HREC on the information to be included in the information sheets and consent forms, refer to:
  4. Refer to WCH page link iconsubmission of documentation for general information on submitting your completed application to the WCHN HREC.

Enquiries may be emailed to: HealthWCHNResearch@sa.gov.au

Or telephone:

Mr Luke Fraser on 8161 6521

Ms Mary Thorne on 8161 6936

Applicants are reminded of the requirements for WCH page link iconResearch Governance review and approval before commencement of the research project. Please contact the Research Governance Officer, Dr Carmel Murone on 08 8161 6688 for further information.

last modified: 20 Mar 2020