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Ethics Resources

Ethics Resources

Patient Ethicist

Dr Tamara Zutlevics holds the position of Patient Ethicist at the WCHN. The role of the Ethicist is to

  • provide advice regarding ethical issues of concern to health professionals on a team or individual basis and to patients/clients of this service
  • facilitate education in bioethics at the WCHN
  • hold the position of Chair of the WCHN Human Research Ethics Committee

Contacting the Patient Ethicist

Dr Zutlevics is available for consultation, with or without an appointment, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  • Phone 8161 6149
  • Email Tamara.Zutlevics@sa.gov.au.
  • For urgent/pressing cases which arise outside of these times please contact her via the Secretariat on 8161 6390 or 8161 6521

Patient Care Ethics Committee (PCEC)

The role of the PCEC is to provide a supportive environment within the WCHN that encourages the airing and structured discussion of ethical and professional issues pertaining to patient care and institutional policy, and to enhance decision making in these areas throughout the WCHN.

  1. The WCHN PCEC will provide advice on specific cases or general matters of ethical concern. If you have a specific case or issue you wish the PCEC to discuss you should do so using the Word iconPCEC Referral Form
  2. In addition to the six scheduled meetings a year, the committee (or part thereof) can meet at short notice in response to urgent or pressing cases.

The PCEC is constituted by 9 WCHN staff across a range of medical, nursing/midwifery and allied health areas together with a lay person, ethicist and clinical risk manager.

For further information on the PCEC, refer to:

PCEC Terms of Reference.

Scheduled PCEC meeting dates in 2018


Contacting the PCEC

  • PCEC Chair: Dr Tamara Zutlevics - 8161 6149
  • PCEC Deputy Chairs: Dr Chris Wilkinson & Dr Terry Donald
  • PCEC Executive Officer: Ms Mary Thorne: 8161 6390

last modified: 03 Aug 2018