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Funding Opportunities

Research at the WCHN

Funding Opportunities

The Women's and Children's Health Network supports research activity within the organisation through a number of different avenues. Generous support is given in the form of research project grants and a number of scholarships, fellowships and other awards. In particular, the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation is a key supporter of research at WCHN.  Established in 1989, the WCH page link iconWCH Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation governed by a Board of Directors and incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985.

The WCH Foundation is the charity for the benefit of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It works in partnership with the South Australian community to support the Hospital and achieve positive long-term outcomes for women, babies and children. The Foundation's vision is to advance the health and wellbeing of women and children through an ongoing commitment to providing excellence in medical and health care and funding ground-breaking research.

For additional information contact the WCH page link iconResearch Secretariat.

All applications for research grants / scholarships/ fellowships must be accompanied by a cover sheet.

WCHN staff and WCH campus applicants seeking external funding are to note the following:

  • WCHN staff - applications must be submitted to the Research Secretariat for our records with a signed grant cover sheet prior to submitting.
  • Please notify the WCHN Research Grants Officer of your intention to submit an application.
  • If you are a Clinical Affiliate Title Holder (CATH) with the University of Adelaide you must submit via the WCHN Research Secretariat and meet the university deadline, ensuring you name the University of Adelaide as the Administering Institution.

All University staff and non-WCHN staff located at the WCH, are required to submit a copy of their application and a signed cover sheet to the WCHN Research Secretariat for our records.

NB: All applications for any type of research funding are to be submitted via the Research Grants Officer following discussion with all relevant Department / Unit Heads in the areas that the research may impact.

If you are looking for external funding opportunities, please refer to the following link:  External funding opportunities (via the University of Adelaide Research Bulletin).


From 4 June 2018, all research grant queries and applications are to be submitted via the Research Grants Officer, Dannielle Penrose who can be contacted via Phone: 81618175 or E-mail: dannielle.penrose@sa.gov.au


WCH Foundation Funded Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards:

MS McLeod: Summary


MS McLeod Departmental Research Grants


MS McLeod Medical Postgraduate Scholarship

Will not be advertised in 2018

MS McLeod Paediatric/Child Health Nursing Scholarship

Will not be advertised in 2018

MS McLeod PhD Scholarship


MS McLeod Postdoctoral Fellowship


WCHF Malcolm Douglas Grant Postdoctoral Fellowship

Will not be advertised in 2018

WCHF Matthew Scriver PICU Nurses Scholarship


WCHF May Fotheringham Fellowship


WCHF Midwifery Scholarship

Will not be advertised in 2018

WCHF Population Health Medical Postgraduate Scholarship

Will not be advertised in 2018

WCHF Population Health PhD Scholarship

Will not be advertised in 2018

WCHF Professor Geoffrey Davidson Paediatric Research Fellowship


WCH Foundation Research Project Grants:

WCH Foundation Research Project Grants


Other Funding:

WCH Friends Fellowship



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