Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Research Secretariat

Research at the WCHN

Research Secretariat

The Research Secretariat provides administrative support to the Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) research effort by:

    • MS McLeod PhD Scholarship
    • MS McLeod Awards
    • Midwifery Fellowship
    • Medical Post-graduate Scholarships
    • WCH Friends Fellowship
  • providing reports on research activity within the WCHN to the Executive


General Business Monday - Friday 8.30am-5pm

Contact details


Dr Andrea Averis
Phone (08) 8161 7703
Email: andrea.averis@sa.gov.au

Patient Ethicist and Chair of HREC

Dr Tamara Zutlevics (Mon-Wed only)
Phone (08) 8161 6149
Email: tamara.zutlevics@sa.gov.au

Research Information Officer

Advice on HREC
Mr Luke Fraser
Phone (08) 8161 6521
Email: luke.fraser2@sa.gov.au

Research Administration Officer

Advice on DTCCTG
Ms Brenda Penny
(Wed and Thurs only)
Phone (08) 8161 6936
Email: brenda.penny@sa.gov.au

Research Coordination Officer

Advice on AEC and IBC
Ms Hannah Quirk (Mon-Wed and Fri)
Phone (08) 8161 6390
Email: hannah.quirk@sa.gov.au

Research Grants Officer

Advice on Research Grants
Ms Andrea Chavez Toledo
Phone (08) 8161 8175
Email: andrea.chaveztoledo@sa.gov.au

Research Governance Officer

Advice on Research Governance/SSAs
Ms Camilla Liddy
Phone (08) 8161 6688
Email: camilla.liddy@sa.gov.au

Chair, DTC Clinical Trials Group

Mr Sean Turner
Phone (08) 8161 8350
Email: sean.turner@sa.gov.au

Employment Opportunities

Contact Human Resources
Phone (08) 8161 7249
Email: CYWHSRecruitmentAdminHR@sa.gov.au



Zone E, Level 2, Samuel Way Building
WCH Campus

Mailing address:

Research Secretariat
72 King William Road
North Adelaide  SA  5006

last modified: 06 Feb 2019