Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
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WCH Services

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CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Campbell Ward
Cancer Treatment Clinic
Cardiac Surgery
Car Parking
Cassia Ward
Casual Pool - Nursing & Midwifery
Central Sterile Supply
Centre for Education and Training
Cerebral Palsy Register
Chaplains and Sacred Space
Child Development Unit
Child Protection Services
Children and Families Intergration Service
Chronic/Complex Care Discharge
Clinical Genetic - SA Clinical Genetic Service
Clinical Haematology and Oncology
Clinical Information Services
Clinical Governance - see Safety and Quality Unit
Complex Care Coordination Unit
Computed Tomography (CT)
Consumer and Community Engagement
Consumer Complaints
Consumer Information - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Craniofacial Unit
Cytogenetics Laboratory

last modified: 02 Aug 2017