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General Practice Liaison Unit

Referral Pathways

1.  Referring to Paediatric Outpatients

One of our aims at the Women's and Children's Hospital (WCH) is to ensure GP-referred patients are prioritised safely, quickly and efficiently. The WCH currently has guidelines and criteria for over 100 of the most common reasons for which GPs consider referring children. Before you write a referral, please review and use the relevant guideline and criteria.

WCH page link iconWCH Referral Criteria for Specialist Outpatient Services

WCH referrals are best typed into the WCH referral templates, which are available for most GP software systems in Section 2: Referral Templates and Forms.

Alternatively if you refer Paediatric outpatients to Flinders Medical Centre (FMC), you may choose to use the following guidelines:

Link iconFlinders Medical Centre Paediatric Referral Guidelines

We expect the forthcoming HealthPathways system to supersede these current referral pathways and guidelines with a single set of outpatient management and referral guidelines for SA.

HealthPathways is an online manual used by clinicians to help make assessment, management, and specialist request decisions. The system originated in New Zealand. SA Health, in partnership with the APHN and Country SA PHN is working to establish HealthPathways in SA.

2.  Referral Templates and Forms

WCH page link iconWCH Child Development Unit Referral Form and Criteria

WCH page link iconWCH Outpatients Clinical software referral templates

PDF iconMetropolitan Referral Unit (MRU) referral template  (159kb)
      The MRU provides a centralised single point of contact for referral to a range of services
      to support hospital avoidance and discharge support services for SA Health public hospitals.
      Please note that paediatric patients can be referred to the MRU.

PDF iconCountry Referral Unit (CRU) Referral Template  (687kb)
      Like the MRU, the CRU can provide access to a range of community health services for
      any health matter. Please note that paediatric patients can be referred to the CRU.

Link iconAsthma Australia Patient Education Referral template

3.  WCH Clinic and Consultant list

WCH page link iconPaediatric Outpatients Department

last modified: 07 Feb 2018