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Burns Service

The Burns Service at the WCH provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for children from birth to eighteen years who have been injured by burning. We treat approximately 150 inpatients and 450 outpatients each year including patients from South Australia, Northern Territory and western parts of New South Wales and Victoria.

Burn injuries are a common form of trauma in children and have six main causes.

Burn injuries are for a lifetime and require specialised care. The Burns Service consists of a multidisciplinary team that works together to ensure optimal patient and family outcomes.

The Burns service is also involved in prevention programs to assist in lowering the number of paediatric burns, as well as education programs to improve the treatment of burns

First aid is the critical first step for treating a burn.

Information for Health Professionals

Burns Guidelines (4mb)

Burns Guidelines Quick Reference Chart (191Kb)

If a health professional requires a laminated copy of the above Quick Reference Chart please contact Linda Quinn.

Burns Assessment Form (188Kb)

The above form can be downloaded and used by health professionals when treating burn injuries especially prior to transferring or referring to the WCH.

Burns SA report (SA Health website)

How to refer to the service

Health professionals wishing to refer to a specialist burn services staff member should adhere to the following referral procedures:

To arrange a burns outpatient clinic appointment during hours follow pathway :

Burns Outpatient (In-hours) Metropolitan (20Kb)

To arrange a burns outpatient clinic appointment out of hours follow pathway :

Burns Outpatient (Out-hours) Metropolitan (20Kb)

To arrange a referral and review of digital photos follow:

Digital Referrals (Rural and Remote) (20Kb)

All referrals require the following burns referral document completed.

word icon Burns referral form (40Kb)

Children receiving treatment for burns at the WCH may return at any time for assessment or redressing after telephoning to arrange a suitable time phone (08) 8161 7000.

Burn Prevention Information

Learn Don't Burn

Campfire Safety    brochure (325kb)  |  poster (535kb)

Cooking Safety     brochure (262kb)  |  poster (863kb)

Hot water burns like fire    brochure (228kb)  |  poster (556kb)

Hot surface burns    brochure (224kb)  |  poster (543kb)

Treadmill burns     brochure (304kb)  |  poster (1.3mb)

Information for Families

Paedatric Burns Service


Newland Ward

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit


South Australian Country Fire Service

The Australian & New Zealand Burn Association


The Julian Burton Burns Trust

The RAH Adult Burns Service

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire service

The International Society for Burn Injuries

The Australian Professional Fire Fighters association


Burns advice and emergency service 24 hours

Burns Outpatient Clinics Monday - Friday mornings

Contact Information

Head, Burns Service
Mr Bernard Carney

Burns Advanced Clinical Practice Consultant
Linda Quinn
Ph (08) 8161 7000 pager 4258
email : linda.quinn@sa.gov.au

Mr Darren Molony
Plastic Surgeon

Dr Michelle Lodge
Plastic Surgeon

Mr Bernard Carney
Plastic Surgeon

Dr Amy Jeeves
Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rebecca Cooksey
Paediatric Surgeon

Kelly Donnellan
Senior Physiotherapist

Vanessa Timbrell
Occupational Therapist

Karla Matousek
Social Worker

Anne Gannoni


Level 2, Good Friday Building

Mailing Address

Burns Service
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006

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last modified: 16 Mar 2017