Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide


The Paediatric Urology Unit treats children with elective and emergency problems of the kidneys, bladder and genital tract. 

How to access the service

For emergency assistance, your child should be brought to the Hospital's WCH page link iconEmergency Department for assessment. A referral will be made to the Urology team if required. In rural or remote areas, it may be wise to be seen by your local doctor first. Your doctor may consult with the registrar for urology advice or arrange for your child to be brought to the WCH or organise an urgent outpatient appointment.

For all other situations, access to our service is through the Outpatient Department. A doctor's referral letter should be sent to:

Urology, Outpatient Department
Level 1
Rogerson Building
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006

Or faxed to: (08) 8161 6246

Please indicate if an interpreter is needed.  An appointment will be sent out on receipt of the referral.

Information for Families

Investigations may need to be ordered before your appointment at the WCH.  Each child is then clinically assessed and any further investigations arranged if required. 

An individual plan will then be discussed with you and your child to best manage your child's particular problem.

Please bring any relevant x rays or previous investigations to your child's appointment.

If you are unable to attend the appointment for any reason, please contact us to arrange another appointment time. Phone (08) 8161 7399


We have pamphlets on a range of issues, including:

  • Clean intermittent catheterisation for girls
  • Clean intermittent catheterisation for boys
  • Ureteric reimplantation

Research Activity

The unit has a policy of regular clinical review and audit. Individual research projects are undertaken regularly.


All procedures are performed in the WCH page link iconRogerson Theatre Complex.

Elective patients will be cared for in the WCH page link iconDay of Surgery Admissions (DOSA) Ward prior to surgery.

Day Surgery cases are nursed after surgery in the Day Surgery Ward, and overnight stay patients in either WCH page link iconNewland or WCH page link iconCampbell Ward.

Emergency or predicted longer stay cases will be cared for in the appropriate ward for their age:

WCH page link iconRose Ward – age less than 6 months

WCH page link iconNewland Ward – most children

WCH page link iconAdolescent Ward – adolescents.


General Business 8.30am – 4.30pm

Contact Information

Unit Head

Dr Hilary Boucaut


2nd Floor, Good Friday Building

Mailing Address

Referrals Only

Please send to:
Admin Hub
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006
FAX: 8161 6246

Surgical Correspondence and Enquiries

Urology Department
Level 2, Good Friday Building
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006
FAX: 8161 7057


OPD Appointment Bookings & Enquiries

(08) 8161 7399

Department or Surgical Enquiries

Dr Sanjeev Khurana
Dr Day Way Goh
Ph: 8161 7328
Email: cywhspaediatricurology@sa.gov.au

Dr Rebecca Cooksey
Ph (08) 8161 7324
Email cywhspaediatricsurgerydepartment@sa.gov.au

last modified: 06 Feb 2018