Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Child Development Unit

Child Development Unit

Our aim

To provide a team approach to the assessment and management of children whose development is of concern in two or more areas and to provide support to their families.

What services do we offer?

Developmental assessment of children with two or more difficulties such as:

  • slow development
  • speech and language problems
  • problems with their physical activities
  • forming friendships with other children
  • sensory processing.

Explanation of the assessment results and recommendations are offered to parents, teachers and other involved professionals.

Discussion with parents regarding the involvement of or referral to other community agencies which may provide a more suitable treatment program.

Appointment of a ‘contact person’ who will act as a key worker for parents and monitor services provided.

Review the program of children if required.

Who can refer?

  • Medical Professionals (General Practitioners, Paediatricians, Medical Officers, Specialists)

Please Note: If a child is referred to the Unit by the areas listed below the CDU process can begin. However a Paediatric Appointment will not be allocated until a GP referral is provided.

  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Care/Education via Leadership Team in consultation with Support Services
    eg. Speech Pathology, Psychology or DECD Special Educator, Catholic Education / Association of Independent Schools SA Special Education Consultants/Advisors.

A referral form can be obtained by telephoning the Unit on 8161 7287 or email on cywhscdusecretary@health.sa.gov.au

Once a referral is received, questionnaires and consent form are sent to the child's parents/guardians to gain information from other people who have knowledge of the child. 

After obtaining all information the unit coordinators decide if the CDU is the appropriate service to address the concerns being raised. If the CDU is not the appropriate service provider advice will be given as to alternatives options.

Please Note:

There are three Child Development/Assessment Unit/Teams in Adelaide. Each Unit/Team has a catchment area (please see attached map). Children should be referred to the Unit/Team in their area.

Women's and Children's Hospital - Child Development Unit

8161 7287

Flinders Medical Centre - Child Assessment Team

8204 4433

Lyell McEwin - Gordon McKay Child Development Unit

7485 4109

Our CDU process take approximately 12 months. This is 12 months from referral, through all the assessments to the Report Meeting at the end. The family are not waiting 12 months to be assessed. For the waiting time for an Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment you will need to contact our Unit for current timeframe.

Please find attached:

Word iconCDU Referral – type in (open, type in information and email back) - (396kb)

Word iconCDU Referral – hand write (print, write in information and send back) - (473kb)

PDF iconCDU Pamphlet (407kb)

PDF iconCDU Catchment Area Map (405kb)

Waiting Times:

The CDU Process takes approximately 12months – from initial referral through the assessments to the Report Meeting at the conclusion of the process. Autism Diagnostic Assessments have a waiting time of approximately 14-18months.

last modified: 07 Dec 2016