Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Complex Care Coordination Unit

Complex Care Coordination Unit

The Complex Care Coordination Unit (CCCU) supports the care of children across the state with chronic and complex medical needs. CCCU provides a range of services with differing levels of support provided to meet the needs of the patients and their families. CCCU co-ordinates and integrates the treatment of patients, partnering with families and community providers to deliver the best care closest to home. These services can be provided directly to the child and family and to the community support agencies involved with caring for the child at home.

Complex Care is a model of care that supports chronic and most complex medical patients. There are different types of support with varying intensity that are responsive and flexible to patient and family needs:

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    – Senior Social Work support
    – Fragile Airways Program

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With these types of support CCCU aims to provide:

  • Key point of contact for clinicians and families to improve communication, coordination and continuity of care from acute to ambulatory.
  • Integration with community based services to partner with families and community providers to deliver the best care as close to home as possible.
  • Patient and family advocacy within WCHN and the community.
  • Paths to health independence through individualised patient care plans, goal setting, supporting growth of patient and family self-management skills and capacity.
  • Appropriate supply of medical home oxygen to support in-home care.
  • Appropriate supply of medical consumables and equipment to support in-home care.

Fragile Airways Program (FAP) provides a state wide, in-home nursing to children (0-18 years of age with a fragile airway (tracheostomy or nasopharyngeal tube) that may also have chronic/complex health care needs. This service is provided by external service provider.

Home Equipment Centre (HEC) provides Hospital patients with acute or chronic conditions, access to consumables and the temporary loan of approved equipment, on discharge from the Hospital or attending outpatient services.

Home Oxygen Service coordinates supply of oxygen to patients' homes so children with chronic respiratory or cardiac condition can be safely treated at home. Oxygen at home can improve wellbeing, quality of life and the longevity of patients.

last modified: 27 Feb 2020