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Complex Care Clinical Practice Consultant

Complex Care Clinical Practice Consultant

The Complex Care Clinical Practice Consultant (CPC) position is a new role established at the Women's and Children's Hospital in May 2008. The Complex Care Discharge CPC position is situated in the Complex Care Coordination Unit.

Patients with complex health care needs have been defined as those patients having a chronic physical, developmental, behavioural and/or emotional condition who require greater than usual levels of health care intervention. This patient group can include those requiring:

  1. involvement from multiple specialised clinics
  2. specialised multi-disciplinary team management
  3. frequent hospital admissions/appointments
  4. psychosocial support and with complex socioeconomic needs
  5. assistance with chronic health conditions (diagnosed and undiagnosed)
  6. additional health care and educational resources to facilitate their support in the community (i.e. rural and remote patients).

The Complex Care CPC is responsible for the coordination and the management of patients with complex health care needs across the continuum of care within Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN). This work is being done in collaboration with WCHN staff, consumers and external services to promote sustainability and service improvement in-line with the WCHN and State Strategic Plan.

Other Projects and Activities

  • Children with high health care needs in the Delegated Care Program (WCHN) are flagged when attending the WCH (Elective & Unplanned Admissions and OPD Appointments). The Delegated Care Team Nurses sent a report daily of all these children who are currently inpatients. Weekly reports are emailed to the Delegated Care Team every Thursday, displaying all children with the Delegated Care Alert who have an elective admission or OPD appointment for the following week.
  • The Length of Stay (LOS) > 10 Day Report is sent out fortnightly by the Clinical Information Systems Consultant. The CC CPC will provide the CPC’s (or appropriate designated staff member) with a template (fortnightly) of the inpatients who have been admitted > 10 days, and the CPC (or appropriate designated staff member) will complete the attached template for patients they are caring for and return the template to by the Wednesday of that week. The CC CPC will follow-up patients (as appropriate) who do not have a CPC allocated to their care. The purpose of this report is to assist in effective bed management and that patients with complex health care needs are identified, reviewed and managed in a timely manner.
  • Case management of patients who are not having their health care needs coordinated by a CPC. These patients are identified and referred to the CC CPC by ward and medical staff.

Contact Details

Anna Malden

Complex Care
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide SA 5006

email: anna.malden@health.sa.gov.au
phone: (08) 8161 7212
pager : (08) 8161 7000, quote 4642

fax: (08) 8161 8199

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