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Consumer Engagement - Consumer and Community Governance Structure

Consumer and Community Engagement

Consumer and Community Governance Structure

The Women's and Children's Health Network formally consults, delegates and in some occasions gives control to the public to make decisions on innovation, safety and quality. This leads to service improvement, re-design and quality developments. By valuing Person and Family Centred Care, the Network considers the tremendous value of the consumer and its community members to actively participate. The Network has adopted a formal Consumer and Community Governance Structure (see table) which allows the diversity of our consumer and community group to be reflected.

Divisions of the Hospital and Network are also responsible for engaging consumers and communities and do so on the same public participation continuum. Divisions coordinate formal committees relating to specific units like mental health or safety and quality standards like Infection Control. Divisions also lead and innovate with the consumers by actively seeking their input through formal methods like surveys, topical forums or using the WCHN crowd-sourcing site "Basecamp".

The Network partners with the Department of Premiere and Cabinet “Your Say” online consultation Hub for significant and large scale public consultations such as Strategic Planning or Divisional Service Changes. All consumer and community engagement for the Network is overseen by the Consumer and Community Engagement Unit and all ideas, suggestions and public input is reflected in the structure.

The Twyfolds Appreciative Inquiry model underpins all public participation activities enabling the Network to understand the level of interest, experiences, roles and contributions community stakeholders can have.

Consumer and Community Governance Structure


Consumer and Community Governance Structure


Download a PDF of the Consumer and Community Governance Structure:

PDF iconConsumer and Community Governance Structure (436kb)

Consumer and Community Partnership Council

The peak consumer and community decision-making committee for the Network is known as the Consumer and Community Partnership Council. Chaired by the CEO and a consumer, this group is made up of 13 members from the community including the co-chairs from the operational consumer and community groups. The Executive Director of Corporate Services and Director of Consumer and Community Engagement round out the membership of the group.

Meetings are held bi-monthly and standing reports include CEO update, recommendations for examination from operational consumer and community groups, and consultations on strategic affairs for the Network. The group reports back to the Executive Leadership which is made up of the Executive Team from the Network and Governing Council. Additionally, the peak safety and quality committee and SA Health equivalent consumer committee frequently report to this group.

Consumer and Community Operational Groups

Consumer Feedback and Improvement Group

This group examines topics relating to the Network and runs as a citizen jury model. Consumers make recommendations in the form of verdicts about quality improvements based on consumer feedback data and information provided by expert witnesses. Chaired by a consumer representative, the group meets quarterly. Members are supported by a Consumer Feedback Management Committee consisting of the co-chair from the Consumer Feedback and Improvement Group and leadership staff. Part of the management committee is to thoroughly review consumer experience themes and trends and present a report to this committee.

Cultural Roundtable

This is the peak consultative body for the Network relating to cultural diversity. In partnership with Multicultural Youth Services of South Australia (MYSA) and other non-Government agencies, the roundtable meets bi-monthly. Membership remains open with consumers and community members invited to attend meetings. To nominate to join, email the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement .

Youth Advisory Group

Our Motto: Nothing about youth without youth

Chaired by a young person from the Network, this is the peak body for youth and children for the Network. The group meets quarterly and operates as a consultative group, comprised of 20 young people aged 12-25. Young people lend their advice, opinions and lived experience to influence better health outcomes. The group has a yearly activity plan. Every three months the group rigorously audits a service in the Hospital, reviewing the service's ability to deliver safe, quality and comfortable care to teens and children. The Network is proud to partner authentically with young people from across all divisions to ensure youth are empowered to make change. If you are aged 12-25 or know of someone aged 12-25, why not consider being involved? Contact the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement.

PDF iconWe are looking for someone just like you! - Youth Advisory Group Poster (1.5mb)

Kids Klub

A group of kids aged less than 12 years of age who help adults do the "thinking" for Hospital and Network related issues. Kids Klub allow children an adults to share the decision-making; children lead and initiate action and are assigned tasks to work on. Consultations occur with the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement and tools like arts, crafts, lego, drama and sports are weaved into consultative sessions. Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to join the Kids Klub, as there is always a task for caregivers. To register your child's interest, email Allan.

PDF iconKids Klub Poster (873kb)

Health Literacy Group

Championing effective literacy levels in the Network, this group ensures that information produced can be understood by the consumer. The Health Literacy Group also advises and provides consultation to the Network relating to all areas of information provision. They host a quarterly forum and it is co-chaired by a Consumer Representative.

Person and Family Centered Care Committee Steering Group

Mandated to deliver and monitor the performance of Person and Family Centred Care, this large forum meets quarterly and is co-chaired by a Consumer. Person and Family Centred Care has been adopted as the key principle driving our health care in the Network and it is this committee who is responsible for providing this strategic focus. Made up of an executive from each Division and a staff member; they join consumers every quarter to robustly debate and organise effective Person and Family Centred Care.

Divisions within the Network such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) and Oncology (Cancer) have divisional consumer groups like Cancer Voice (Oncology Unit) and ELECT (CAMHS) who report through their Divisional Directors recommendations to the Person and Family Centred Care Committee.

The Network also manages the WCH page link iconPerson and Family-Centred Charter.


A 24/7 online consultation space for the community to give feedback. To join, simply email allan.ball@sa.gov.au with 'sign me up'.

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