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Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

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As a children's and youth health organisation, we need our children and young people to partner with us to make decisions. Children and young people have a voice and we have a system to make sure that voice is heard. They make real decisions on the important stuff and if the decision is about children or young people, we make sure they have a supported seat at the decision-making table.

What is the YAG?

Chaired by a young person from the Network, this is the peak body for youth and children for the Network. The group meets quarterly and operates as a consultative group, comprised of 20 young people aged 12-25. Young people lend their advice, opinions and lived experience to influence better health outcomes.

The group has a yearly activity plan. Every three months the group rigorously audits a service in the Hospital, reviewing the service's ability to deliver safe, quality and comfortable care to teens and children. The Network is proud to partner authentically with young people from across all divisions to ensure youth are empowered to make change.

Current Membership

The YAG is chaired by Jason and there are 21 members aged from 13 years – 21 years of age. The average age is around 16 years.


Read the current year in review to find out about our achievements. Some of our highlights have been:

  • Youth Guide to Places and Spaces: PDF iconview the guide (2.8mb), WCH page link iconsee the video
  • Café Refurbishment in WCH
  • Writing of Adolescent Transition documents
  • First ever youth health conference by young people for young people

How to get involved

If you are aged 12-25 or know of someone aged 12-25, why not consider being involved? Contact the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement.

Youth Health Pledge

To help share the decision-making with our children and young people, on April 3rd 2017 the Youth Advisory Group launched a pledge.

WCHN Staff will T.U.N.E in and connect with children and young people's care needs by:

  • treating children and young people as individuals
  • understanding that their illness is not their only concern
  • nourishing their need to be heard
  • equally sharing decisions.

Forms and documents

PDF iconConsent for for participation in Youth Advisory Group (778kb)

PDF iconPoster calling for Youth Advisory Group members (1.5mb)

PDF iconYouth Advisory Group decision-making model (553kb)

Approaches to Youth Participation

The list of resources below outlines key principles for child and youth participation and engagement. The WCHN Kids Klub and Youth Advisory Group are operations and methodologies that are underpinned by the themes from the list of resources.

PDF iconChildren's Voices - A principled framework for children and young
      people's participation as valued citizens and learners
      (The Council for the Care of Children, SA)

Citizen me! (NSW Advocate for Children and Young People)

PDF iconConsulting Young People About Their Ideas and Opinions  (1.1mb)
       (Youth Affairs Council of Victoria)

PDF iconCreating Change in Your Community (1.0mb)
       (Youth Affairs Council of Victoria)


last modified: 23 May 2017