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Consumer and Community Engagement - Patient and Consumer Feedback

Consumer and Community Engagement

Consumer Feedback

We welcome feedback from our consumers, families and visitors. While everyone is pleased to hear compliments and praise, we also want to know if you have concerns about any of our services.

Despite our internal checks and balances, occasionally we are unaware that a process or service is not working efficiently, and this may only be recognised by our consumers. We rely on you to tell us when things go wrong as this will help us correct any shortcomings with our services.

Because we value your feedback we try to promote a 'complaint friendly' philosophy among our staff.

Tell Us What You Thinnk WCH page link iconClick here to provide your feedback online.

Who can provide feedback?

We accept feedback from anyone who has used our services, as well as from people not directly involved, such as visitors, community care workers or professional groups. Regardless of your connection with the Hospital, or with our consumers, we value your constructive feedback.

You are welcome to provide feedback on behalf of a consumer if they are hesitant or feel unable to do so for themselves for any reason. As a courtesy we ask you to obtain their consent.

We are extremely committed to WCH page link iconprivacy and confidentiality, so we may need to seek consent from the patient or their parent(s) before being able to respond to you.

You are welcome to provide feedback anonymously, however we may not be able to investigate your concerns fully if we are not able to discuss them with you.

How can I provide feedback?

To ensure the fastest and most direct response we invite you to contact the unit, department or ward concerned. They are in the best position to provide up to date information concerning processes, waiting times or reasons for particular decisions. In Units and Divisions there will be letterboxes or ballet boxes where you can fill in a quick 2 minute survey about your experience on the day or during your stay. These letterboxes are also a space to write to the Manager or Unit Head of a Ward or Service. These letterboxes and ballet boxes will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What are some of the ways I can provide feedback on my experience?

The Network ensures that it provides different ways to hear your feedback, and that is why it has committed to providing the following novel but important mechanisms to provide feedback, including:

  • Letterboxes and Ballot boxes – The Women's and Children's Hospital and Health Network sites have mail boxes where anyone, at any time, can give quick feedback about their experience, and provide suggestions for what can be done better.
          PDF iconDownload the Consumer Feedback Letterbox Form (352kb)
  • Online Feedback Survey - go to:
          Link iconE-Letter Consumer Feedback
  • Consumer Coffee Club and Roving Coffee Club – Held every 4th Thursday of the Month between 10am – 11:30am (see WCH page link iconSchedule for location). This is run by trained Consumer Representatives who can document feedback or assist you to navigate ways to provide feedback to the organisation.
  • Fairy Face Painting Feedback – Every school holidays on the Play Deck of the hospital, Fairy Bell arrives to hear from children and those young at heart. Whilst painting a butterfly on your face or a snake on your arm, children and young people can tell Fairy Bell how they have been treated and what could be enhanced.
  • Executive Walk-Arounds – Each month, Executive team members conduct walk arounds in units, services and community sites across the Network to speak with consumers and hear about feedback. Ask a staff member when your ward or unit or community site is hosting executive.
  • Poetry Sessions – A Consumer Representative Poet is available to hear your feedback and in return provide you with a poem of what you told them. To request a session with the Poet contact a staff member or email the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement.
  • "Youth-Friendly" Audit – If you are a young person, we want to hear from you regarding the youth-friendliness, youth-vibe and sense of comfort as a young person you received from a ward, service or unit. You can do this by either participating in the 15 Steps Youth Audit or contacting the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement (phone (08) 8161 6935) or email the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement.
  • Quick Tap Surveying and Fabio the Frog Surveying – Quick Tap and Fabio the Frog are culturally and developmentally appropriate tools to gather suggestions for improvements. The electronic surveying tools will use iPad's and can be gathered by a staff or a professionally trained consumer representative.
  • Divisional Surveying – Wards, Units and Community sites may invite you to participate in a paper-based survey to gather experience specific to the service.
  • Divisional Listening Posts – Staggered across the year, divisional listening posts are 10-15 minute structured interviews using electronic surveys and Quick Tap technology to gather feedback. Professionally trained Consumer Representatives will use Ipads in a structured conversation with consumers and caregivers based on key safety and quality topics like shared decision-making and informed consent.
  • 24/7 Feedback Kiosk – Located in the Kermode Street entrance of the Hospital an electronic kiosk is available for visitors to document their experience.

If you want to learn more, visit the WCH page link iconschedule of activities or contact the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement.

All feedback gathered will be stored confidentially and will be reviewed quarterly by a consumer citizen jury to design recommendations for improvements.

Please note: All feedback is gathered on a voluntary basis, and opting in or out will not affect the quality of care provided.

Person and Family Centred Care Awards

If you are interested in acknowledging outstanding service from a staff member, please go to the following page:

WCH page link iconPerson and Family Centred Care Awards

Formal consumer complaints

If you would like to make a formal complaint, please go to the following page:

WCH page link iconConsumer Complaints

Further information

PDF iconSA Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner -
        Know your rights brochure (255Kb)

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