Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Consumer and Community Engagement

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights

We want you and your family to receive the best care and attention while you are in contact with our health service. As partners we can help each other to make sure that this happens. 

We will:

  • Treat you with dignity, courtesy and respect
  • Give you appropriate and timely health care
  • Give you information about your, or your child's health care, including options and possible complications
  • Obtain your consent before going ahead with treatment
  • Listen to your opinion
  • Include you and your family in decision making about your treatment
  • Allow someone to advocate on your behalf if you wish
  • Arrange a second opinion upon request
  • Allow you to be a public or private patient
  • Maintain your privacy and confidentiality
  • Give you access to your personal and health information and to change details if necessary
  • Provide an interpreter if required
  • Allow you to refuse involvement in research or training
  • Allow you to refuse treatment and explain the consequences of that choice
  • To have your ethnic and cultural or religious practices and beliefs respected.

If you think these rights have not been respected, please tell us or make other suggestions, so that we can improve our services for other families.

Your responsibilities

We want to be sure that we can give you the best care and provide the best types of treatment. To do this we expect that you will:

  • Treat us with dignity, courtesy and respect
  • Give us accurate and truthful information about your, or your child's health
  • Tell us if your personal information or health condition changes
  • Attend appointments or tell us if you cannot
  • Ask for health care information or explanations where needed or if you don't understand
  • Follow the instructions for treatment or inform us if you decide not to
  • Accept the consequences if you refuse treatment
  • Recognise the effects of your lifestyle choices on your, or your child’s health;
  • Agreeing to abide by our Conditions of Entry.

last modified: 12 May 2016