Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Donations and Charities

Donations and Charities

Gifts and Donations to the
Women's and Children's Hospital

Gifts and Donations Gratefully Received

The Women's and Children's Hospital is extremely grateful to receive donations or gifts from the public.

As a health service, we are guided by strict infection control policies and safety considerations which may prevent us from distributing certain types of gifts.

All donations are assessed for their safety and appropriateness. Hospital Play Therapists ensure that our patients receive the best toy for their age group, gender, medical needs and interests. Below is some information to help donors get the best results for our young patients out of their generous donations.

Safety Considerations

Special thought needs to be given to the types of toys donated to make sure that they are suitable for the young babies, sick children or adolescents.

  • Please keep in mind that most of our patients are confined to a hospital bed. If possible, try to give gifts that children can do something with, and that are stimulating and engaging for them. Please avoid toys with small parts that can be a potential choking hazard.
  • Please ensure that toys and gifts are not gift wrapped, to allow for individual safety assessment and age grouping by hospital staff.

Donations and Gifts

The following items are always popular:

  • Art and craft supplies
  • New soft toys
  • Books
  • Baby toys
  • Board games
  • 3D puzzles
  • Jewellery, fragrances, or other gift items for young teenagers
  • Gift vouchers
  • Birthday or celebratory decorations
  • New handmade quilts and pillow cases
    Approximate quilt sizes required:
    • Cot/Crib size - 115cm x 153cm or 45in x 60in
    • Single bed size - 132cm x 153cm or 52in x 60in

Knitted items

  • Knitted teddies, caterpillars, dolls and animals are a great toy and are used for trauma and reward gifts. We have a collection of free knitting patterns for these items that have been tested in our wards and clinics, if you would like a copy of these patterns please contact Donations office on 8161 8348.
  • Knitted blankets are always popular especially during the winter months. Approximate sizes required:
    • Pram size - 100cm x 100cm or 40in x 40in
    • Cot/Crib size - 115cm x 153cm or 45in x 60in
    • Single bed size - 132cm x 153cm or 52in x 60in
  • Knitted baby clothes - unfortunately, we no longer accept knitted baby clothes as we have a large stock of these items this includes premature baby beanies and clothes.
  • Excess knitted baby clothes will be offered to the Friends of WCH Inc for sale in their shops, Rainbows or Vics, both are based at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and ALL profits from the sales go towards vital medical equipment for the hospital.

DVDs and Interactive Computer and Console games

  • DVDs and Interactive computer and console games suitable for children or adolescents with rating classifications G, PG, M and MA are accepted.
  • We also accept donations of portable DVD players for the wards to share amongst their patients.

Accepted as New Items Only

  • All soft or fluffy toys, wooden items and games donated to the Hospital must be new, never used items.

Some Second Hand Items Can be Accepted

  • Some large second hand plastic items may be accepted if they are in excellent condition and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Please ring Donations office on 8161 8348 first to check if the hospital can use your donation.
  • Second hand books, magazines, comics (in excellent condition) can be used in waiting rooms.
  • Second hand clothing (in excellent condition) for babies and children can be used by several departments.

Items Not Accepted

Unfortunately the following items cannot be accepted:

  • NO donations of food or sweets of any kind
  • Dirty or damaged items of any sort
  • Knitted baby/premature baby clothes
  • Second hand soft toys
  • Second hand dolls of any sort
  • Furniture or second hand bedding
  • Second hand wooden toys
  • Second hand board games
  • Unfortunately second hand computers or analogue televisions are not compatible with technical systems at the hospital. However these second hand computers may be useful for the Department of ├é┬áPremier and Cabinet's 'Smart State PC Donation Program'.

More Information

For special donations or if you have any queries please telephone the Donations office on (08) 8161 8348.

Delivery of Goods

To ensure your delivery reaches us, please label your donation clearly to:

Corporate Communications
Samuel Way Building, Mezzanine Level
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide SA 5006

Donations may also be left during business hours at the hospital Information Desk, in either of the main entrance foyers located at Kermode Street entrance (Zone A) or the Queen Victoria entrance (Zone F) please refer to hospital map.

Charities that support the WCH

The Women's and Children's Hospital is fortunate to have not-for-profit associations that supports the work of the hospital through fundraising, services to families and volunteer support.

If you would like to donate or assist these charities please contact them. Links to their websites have been provided here.

last modified: 15 Aug 2018