Women's Admissions/Reception

Women's Admissions/Reception

The Women's Reception and Admissions Desk is located on the ground floor of Zone F and may be accessed either through the main entrance of Zone F (Brougham Place) or the main entrance of Zone A (Kermode Street) (WCH page link iconmap) .

If you are a female adult and come to the Women's and Children's Hospital for admission, depending on your reason for admission you may be required to present to Women's Admissions when you first arrive. Women's Admissions is staffed 8am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Women's Reception is open Monday to Friday 7am – 8.30pm and weekends 9am – 5pm. Reception staff are able to assist visitors/patients with general hospital enquiries and also supply TV/phone vouchers to Private patients.

Information for Families

For information regarding private Obstetricians who deliver babies at the Women's and Children's Hospital please phone: (08) 8161 7508.

When you come to Admissions please bring your Medicare card and private health insurance card details if applicable.

Contact Details

Administrative Manager – Rita Tasevski


Ground Floor, Zone F

Mailing Address

Women's Admissions/Reception
Ground Floor
Zone F
72 King William Road
North Adelaide South Australia 5006


Women's Admissions: (08) 8161 7508
Women's Reception: (08) 8161 7506

Fax: (08) 8161 8511


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