Delivery Suite

Delivery Suite

The Delivery Suite is a 16 bed combined Labour Ward and High Dependency Unit.

Care is provided for women by midwives and medical staff during normal labour and birth, and for women experiencing complications before or after the birth of their baby. (This is known as high dependency care). Women undergoing gynaecological procedures may also be cared for in High Dependency.

All rooms are single and are identically equipped, so women do not need to transfer from room to room within the Delivery Suite if their condition changes.

Women are admitted from within South Australia and from the Northern Territory and occasionally other states as needed. We operate a retrieval service to assist women and babies reach the WCH if they cannot come safely without our help.

How to Access the Service

You may access the service by:

Please bring your Pregnancy Record (in the orange plastic sleeve) so we have appropriate information from your health carers to enable us to plan relevant care with you.

If you have any letters from other carers that may be relevant to this, or previous pregnancies, please bring them with you so we can share important information.

Information for Families

We have other team members including social workers, physiotherapists, chaplains, Aboriginal liaison officers and interpreters available to assist you with any specific needs, especially if you are from the country and have been unexpectedly admitted to the WCH.

It is difficult for us to accommodate family members in the Delivery Suite area, except in an emergency or if it is essential for the care of you or your baby. Our midwives can advise you on alternatives.


You will be asked to complete a booking form when you first come to WCH, or one may be posted to you.

If you are transferred here unexpectedly, the form will be completed for you at the time of your admission. This helps us to create case notes for you in which we record the care we have given you, what you have requested and how everything is progressing. This record then belongs to the hospital. If you have any questions about what is in your medical record, please ask your carers.

Please bring your Medicare card and any information about private medical insurance you have, as this will help us make appropriate referrals for you.


Our practices in midwifery and obstetrics at the WCH are based on the South Australian Department of Health Perinatal Practice Guidelines for Management. They are regularly reviewed through the State-wide Perinatal Practice Guidelines Committee and are available for your information and comments at

Research Activity

Research activities are undertaken regularly within the Delivery Suite, as we believe that our practices should be evidence-based and up-to-date. The staff in Delivery Suite can advise of current research projects.

If you are interested in the research being conducted, please ask the staff.

No research affecting you or your baby will be undertaken without your agreement and your care will not be affected if you choose not to participate.


The Delivery Suite is open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Contact Details                           

Head of Obstetrics – Dr Chris Wilkinson
Phone:  (08) 8161 7633  

Nursing/Midwifery Unit Manager – Lee Davies
Phone:  (08) 8161 7836

Ward Clerk:  (08) 8161 7828


Zone F (3rd Floor – Queen Victoria Building)

Mailing Address

Delivery Suite
Women's and Babies Division
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide South Australia 5006


Phone: (08) 8161 7828
Fax: (08) 8161 7829


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