Child Development Unit

Child Development Unit

Referral Information

The WCH Child Development Unit (CDU) is a Developmental Assessment Service for children with complex developmental concerns in three or more areas.

Referrable Criteria


(Unless occurring in conjunction with 3 aforementioned criteria areas)

Non-Medicare Families

Please note that charges apply to services provided to patients who do not hold a Medicare Card. If the family does not have a Medicare Card, please contact the hospital’s finance team on 8161 7390 to discuss likely costs.

Who can refer to CDU?

All referrals must be completed using the CDU Referral Form.

 Please note* If a child is referred by an allied health professional or educator, the CDU process can begin. However, if a paediatric appointment is required, the child will also need a GP referral.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a term used for a spectrum of conditions caused by fetal alcohol exposure.

Referrals for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder must meet existing CDU referral criteria as well as additional documentary requirements. If you are referring for FASD, please contact the CDU to request further information.

Referral Acceptance

Referral to the CDU will allow an information gathering process to begin but referral acceptance and allocation of appointments is only determined following completion of this referral, parent and/or school questionnaires (if required) and CDU review of the information provided.

Catchment Areas

Acceptance of referrals is subject to catchment areas which are defined for the three assessments units. If you are unsure of the appropriate unit, please call any of the numbers on the Catchment Area Map for assistance.

Women's and Children's Hospital - Child Development Unit

8161 7287

Flinders Medical Centre - Child Assessment Team

8204 4433

Lyell McEwin - Gordon McKay Child Development Unit

7485 4109


Word iconCDU Referral – type in (open, type in information and email back) - (370kb)

Word iconCDU Referral – hand write (print, write in information and send back) - (345kb)

PDF iconCDU Pamphlet (416kb)

PDF iconCDU Catchment Area Map (404kb)

PDF iconCDU Video Call Information – Fact Sheet  (331kb)

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating your way through the CDU process can be confusing. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document below answers the most common questions and enquiries regarding referral, assessment and post diagnostic care.

PDF iconChild Development Unit – Frequently Asked Questions  (396kb)

Waiting Times

Autism Diagnostic Assessments have a waiting time of approximately 14–18months. Please note once a child is referred the family and referrer will receive correspondence from the CDU. If you have not heard from the CDU following a referral (usually contact within 6 weeks from receipt of referral) please contact to make sure referral has been received.

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