Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
National Referral Laboratory

National Referral Laboratory for Lysosomal, Peroxisomal and Other Related Disorders

Genetics and Molecular Pathology, SA Pathology (located at level 4 Rogerson Building, Women's and Children's Hospital)

The National Referral Laboratory provides a national and international diagnostic service for a range of inherited metabolic disorders, focussing predominantly on the lysosomal disorders.

Diagnostic testing platforms include molecular testing to identify genetic variants in causative genes, enzymology to measure the deficiency in the gene product and metabolites to quantify the amount of substrate stored for over 70 different inherited metabolic disorders. In addition to diagnosis, the laboratory offers prenatal testing (biochemical and molecular), cascade testing for family members and monitoring of therapies for some treatable lysosomal disorders. The laboratory also performs cystic fibrosis genetic testing for families.

The laboratory has a research arm, the Translational Unit, interested in understanding more about the pathogenic cascades in lysosomal disorders, uncovering novel sites for therapeutic intervention and developing innovative testing algorithms to improve the efficiency of diagnosis for lysosomal disorders. To this end, the laboratory has contributed over 100 articles to the scientific and medical literature. This Unit provides a forum for the translation of new laboratory tests into routine clinical use and supports a number of post-graduate students.

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Laboratory Head

Professor Maria Fuller

Administrative Officer

Nicole Cadzow

Scientific Leads

Sharon Chin (enzymology)
Alexis Gerassimou (molecular)
Dr Jennifer Saville (substrates)

Technical Supervisor

Kerry McDonald

Scientific/Technical Staff

Elaine Alexander
Alexandra Contibas
Bev Fong
Qaisar Naveed
Belinda McDermott
Wan Ling Ng
Ellie Wu

Post-doctoral Scientists

Dr Ainslie Derrick-Roberts
Dr Nathan Rout-Pitt
Dr Jennifer Saville

Post-graduate Students

Ashleigh Lake and Mau Toan Nguyen (Honours)
Anindita Debnath and Chengwei Shao (Masters)
Kleopatra Pericleous (PhD)

Genetic Pathologist

Dr Richard McKay

last modified: 03 May 2021