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Antenatal Care

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Antenatal Care

Antenatal care (care during your pregnancy) is important for a healthy pregnancy and as preparation for the the birth of your child.

If you take part in the WCH Midwifery Group Practice Program we will ask for copies of any antenatal records for your current pregnancy and relevant records from any previous pregnancies.

At your regular antenatal visits your midwife will monitor your blood pressure, your baby's growth, heart rate, position, and check on the general health of both you and your baby.  Midwives will discuss available screening tests (blood tests and ultrasounds) with you during your pregnancy, arranging these as required.

During your pregnancy, MGP is able to provide up to 10 scheduled antenatal visits, including one home visit. These visits take place approximately monthly until 36 weeks and then more frequently until you give birth. This antenatal schedule is flexible and may be adjusted according to your needs. Occasionally the time of your appointment may need to be changed because your midwife is assisting with the birth of another baby. You are welcome to bring other people to your appointment.

Your midwife will provide lots of information about labour, childbirth and looking after your newborn baby.  You may also wish to attend other antenatal classes at the WCH.

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last modified: 29 Sep 2017