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Care after your baby is born

Midwifery Group Practice

Care after your baby is born

Your Midwifery Group Practice Midwife will remain with you until they are certain that all is well for you and your baby. During this time your midwife will help you breastfeed your baby.

If you have your baby at the WCH, you may decide to go home three to four hours after your baby is born, providing both you and your baby are well. Because MGP provides close and frequent home visiting, to check on you and your baby, early discharge is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. There are distinct advantages and possible disadvantages of early discharge.  Please discuss this with your MGP midwife. Alternatively, if you experience complications and/or feel a stay in the Post-Natal Ward is required, this will be arranged (usually 2 days).

Normally your midwife will visit you after your baby is born:

  • on the first, third and fifth day
  • between the seventh and tenth day
  • between the 10th and 14th day
  • three weeks
  • four weeks.

Depending on where you live, some of these visits will be in your home. Other visits will be in the Midwifery Clinic with your Primary Midwife or her practice associates. If you have urgent questions or concerns that cannot wait for a scheduled visit, you may page your midwife.

At around 3 weeks the Children and Family Health Service (CaFHS) will also provide a Universal Home Visit with your consent. This allows your care to transition to their service.

You will need a 6 week visit for yourself and baby with your GP, and your midwife will discuss this in more detail with you.

We are required to keep the original copies of your midwifery record on file, however we respect your right to complete confidentiality and will not share information from your records with anyone outside our practice without your permission. You may access your records at any time. We keep the original copy of your pregnancy record but if you would like a photocopy then let your midwife know.

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last modified: 18 Feb 2021