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Woman-Centred Care

Midwifery Group Practice

Woman-Centred Care

In Midwifery Group Practice, 'Woman-Centred Care':

  • Focuses on the woman's individual unique needs, expectations and aspirations rather than the needs of the institutions or professions involved.
  • Recognises women's rights to self determination in terms of choice, control and continuity of care from a known caregiver or caregivers.
  • Encompasses the needs of the foetus/baby, the woman's family, her significant others and community as identified and negotiated by the woman herself.
  • Follows the woman across the interface between institutions and the community, through all phases of pregnancy, birth and after the birth of her baby.  It therefore involves collaboration with other health professionals when necessary.
  • is 'holistic' in terms of addressing the woman's social, emotional, physical, psychological, sprirtual and cultural needs and expectations.

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last modified: 29 Sep 2017